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Transfer pricing in The Netherlands

Last updated: 22-01-2020

The Netherlands has enacted Transfer Pricing Legislation, including the obligation to sub-stantiate the at arm's length nature of transactions within the group, to document transfer pricing methods applied, and to report information and data relevant for analyzing the international transfer pricing within the group. 

On this website you can find the following information with regard to transfer pricing in The Netherlands:

Basic principles of transfer pricing in The Netherlands

Profit adjustments arising from transfer pricing discussions  

The functional analysis - corner stone of the Dutch transfer pricing rules

The at arm’s length principle in Dutch tax law

Transfer pricing documentation requirements in Dutch tax law  

The country by country (CBC) reporting in the Netherlands 

Dutch transfer pricing rules for permanent establishments (branches)

Transfer pricing methods allowed in The Netherlands

Best transfer pricing methods in The Netherlands

The allocation of costs for services within the Group 

The Dutch tax ruling practise (Advance Pricing Agreements)

Dutch transfer pricing rules for financial service companies

What we can do for you  

What we can do for you:  

We have extensive experience with transfer pricing issues and assist our clients in this field on a day to day basis. 

We can provide amongst others the following services:

Advice you (Dutch) transfer pricing issues

Design transfer pricing policy for your Dutch and international business 

Preparing a transfer pricing study 

Negotiate transfer pricing ruling 

Represent you in a transfer pricing audit/ procedures 

Prepare the Notification, Master file or Local file on your behalf 

Handle CBC reporting obligations 

We are gladly prepared to assist you with transfer pricing issues, and the associated documentation and filing requirements.

If you wish to receive more information, please feel free to contact us via e-mail or call us at our office in Amsterdam +31 (0)20 5709440 or Rotterdam +31 (0)10 2010466.  

We will make time for you!

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